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The Right Kind of Help (Rowan and Valiance #1) - K.C. Warwick

The Right Kind of Help

(Rowan and Valiance #1)

by K.C. Warwick


Rowan is a well-intentioned young enchanter who could do great things, if only he could get his spells to come out straight. His bad luck also means that his protector and traveling companion -- Valiance, a devastatingly handsome elf -- can't bear his company or his incompetence.


When Rowan arrives at the castle he's supposed to aid and finds it missing, he knows he needs help. He's alone save for Valiance; but is the cynical elf going to be willing to lend him a hand... or anything else that Rowan needs?

This title is no longer available from Torquere, but will be republished by the author sometime in the near future.



My Review/Comments:


This was a very short story with not much of a plot, but what made it so sweet and charming was the characters. I really loved Rowan and Valiance, and I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series! :)