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Super Sock Man (Knitting #2) - Amy Lane

Super Sock Man

(Knitting #2)

by Amy Lane


Donnie’s crush on his sister’s roommate, Alejandro, has gone beyond childhood dreams—and it’s driving Donnie insane! So when Donnie gets a chance to house-sit for his sister and Yandro, Donnie doesn’t feel alone. He’s got all his vivid fantasies to keep him company! Can a little dumb luck—and a little help from a magical homemade gift—help Donnie’s fantasies come true?

Free short story written for the M/M Romance group's "Hot Summer Days" event.

Genres/Tags: Gay M/M / Contemporary
Approx. Word Count: 3,839



My Review/Comments:


Totally sweet and sexy little story that is just begging for a sequel! Please? Pretty please?! :)