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Raincheck - Sarah Madison


by Sarah Madison


Rodney isn’t like other gargoyles. No doubt it’s because of his fascination with humans and their culture. For decades he’s been content to observe from the shadows, but then a lonely human wanders onto Rodney’s rooftop one night and turns his world upside down.


David Marshall is everything Rodney has wanted in all his years of solitude. Rodney manages to keep his crush and his identity a secret until David needs a gargoyle’s protection more than late-night conversations with a reclusive friend.


Will David be able to see past the monstrous exterior to the true person within? Time is running out, and Rodney must try to grab onto life—and love—before it’s too late.



My Review/Comments:


What a wonderful little story!

I loved the uniqueness of it (the first M/M romance I've read with a gargoyle!). And I loved the characters, especially Rodney! There was also quite a lot packed into such a short story, and I thought the slow build-up of the relationship was very well done, with a very sweet ending that made me smile.

The only thing I have to complain about is that the author completely skipped over the best part! We get a very hot, sexy blowjob scene. Then they move to the bedroom...and suddenly it's the next morning. WTF?! After all those fantastic, teasing descriptions of how big, muscular, sexy and incredibly hung Rodney is, I was practically salivating while anticipating the "bedroom" scene. But we get nothing. I felt crushingly disappointed and cheated. :(

So, yeah...only 4 stars instead of 5, but still highly recommended if you like interspecies romance. :)