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Wild Passions - S.L. Armstrong, Angelia Sparrow, Cornelia Grey, Cari Z.

Wild Passions


Other worlds, other planes of existence, other places where humans are not the only type of creature to walk and talk. Human-like animals populate the pages of Wild Passions! These are not shifters, but humanoid animals that experience love and lust in their sometimes wild, sometimes civilized worlds.

City of Foxes by Cornelia Grey
Meet Liam, a half-fox in a world where 'urban jungle' isn't a metaphor. When trouble comes in the form of an organized militia looking to experiment, Liam must put his trust where he never expected: in the hands of a human.

Trust Me by Elizabeth Hyder
Koit is a Shterpi, a reptilian alien with a reputation for womanizing. A dare from a friend has Koit changing his target to other men, and he finds that variety really is the spice of life.

Alpha's Pride by S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet
Alec and Nahale are feral-Maith, genetic offshoots from a fantastic race. Under pressure, Alec challenges Nahale for leadership of their clan, threatening to destroy the relationship they'd been building for years.

I Do Like To Be By the Seaside by Wayne Mansfield
Panos only wants to live a normal life, free from the secret that's kept him isolated from others. However, he still needs a roommate, and his attraction to the other man has him wondering if opening up might not be so bad after all.

Opening Worlds by Cari Z.
Ferran is making his last trip away from his home planet of Perelan before duty calls him back. But a rakish spaceship captain tosses a wrench into his finely crafted plans, and his world may never be the same.

Songs for Guitar and French Harp by Angelia Sparrow
Gordon and Arthur work in the freak-show at a traveling carnival, wowing audiences with their half-animal physiques. But when animal constructs are second-class citizens and legal property of others, falling in love is the most dangerous act of all.

Genres/Tags: Gay M/M / Fantasy / Science Fiction
Approx. Word Count: 85,000
Cover Art by: Nathie



My Review/Comments:


City of Foxes by Cornelia Grey: ★★★★
[futuristic / urban fantasy / action]

Trust Me by Elizabeth Hyder: ★★★
[science fiction]

Alpha's Pride by S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet: ★★★

I Do Like To Be By the Seaside by Wayne Mansfield: ★★★
[modern fantasy]

Opening Worlds by Cari Z.: ★★★★★
[science fiction]
This was, by far, my favourite story in the collection. Absolutely wonderful characters, intriguing world-building (that I would love to know more about in future stories *hint-hint to the author*), and an incredibly sweet, heart-warming, and emotional romance. I have to admit, I was getting really anxious towards the end...so afraid that it might have a sad or bittersweet ending, but it didn't (thank God). The ending did make me cry, though, but in a good way. :) It's worth it to buy the anthology for this story alone. Highly recommended!

Songs for Guitar and French Harp by Angelia Sparrow: ★★★★
[historical fantasy]