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Angel and the Assassin - Fyn Alexander

Angel and the Assassin

(Angel and the Assassin #1)

by Fyn Alexander


Kael Saunders loves to dominate handsome, masculine men like himself. Being in charge is his way of life whether it be in his work with the Secret Intelligence service, his personal life, or in the dungeon. The last thing he expects when he is out on a hit is to fall in love with Angel, an eighteen-year-old boy desperate for the love and guidance of a Daddy. Yet Angel also has a passion for being spanked and restrained. Two very different men find love in a world of skilled assassins, Bosnian terrorists, and dungeon play.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and content, male/male sexual practices.



My Review/Comments:


I love BDSM, but this is the first one I've read that involves the Daddy kink, and I found that it did not appeal to me at all.

Angel is so sweet and innocent, and I really wanted to like him, but his child-like behavior was such a turn-off. And while I did find Kael to be a fascinating character, the way he treated Angel was just too cold for my liking. I'm sure the relationship must change later on in the story, but at about 50-some pages in, I just couldn't read any more. I wasn't enjoying anything about the story, the characters or their relationship.

In another story (with different characters, dialogue, emotions, etc.) the sex scenes could have been pretty hot. But in this one they just seemed so emotionless...and very sad (and unrealistic) with regards to Angel. He's a virgin, and his first ever penetration is having 4 fingers jammed into his ass in the span of 10 seconds or less? His first blow-job "lesson" includes having his air cut off? And his second penetration is a fisting? Holy gods. *jaw drop* Fisting is a kink that I love reading about, and in pretty much every story I've come across that includes it, the scene was very intimate, loving, and emotionally charged. But in this one it just left me cold.

Like I said before, I'm guessing that the relationship changes later on, but everything I read (up to the point where I gave up) just felt like cold, emotionless sex. I wouldn't even call it erotica because the sex scenes alone didn't even do anything for me.

Technically, the writing wasn't bad. It was just everything else that I had an issue with... :P