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Enraptured - Scarlet Hyacinth


(Kaldor Saga #1)

by Scarlet Hyacinth


The son of the Alarian king and an unknown human woman, Gabriel is forced to live more than half of his life buried in a monastery, under the iron fist and lascivious hands of its superintendent, Lothar. However, things can always get worse. On his nineteenth birthday Gabriel finds out that he is to be mated to his worst enemy. In despair, he decides to take his own life, but a chance encounter changes the course of his life, uniting him with Lucien, a demon prince.


What follows is a tale of impossible love, a journey from despair to rapture, threatened and cursed by secrets of the past and by pain buried but not forgotten. Not only does Lucien have to fight death to save his young lover, but he has to rebel against his parents as well. In a world of prejudice and hatred, can one impossible love survive?



My Review/Comments:


The synopsis for this one sounded wonderful...just the type of story I really love. I was also looking forward to reading what would have been my first foray into Mpreg. It started out quite good, but once Lucien and his companions (and Gabriel's bothers) were introduced, it all just went right down the toilet.

If this had been a contemporary, the dialogue and the way the characters acted would have been truly silly and juvenile. For a science-fantasy setting, with demon and alien characters...it was downright ridiculous. They all acted like a bunch of immature American teenagers and if I had to read the word "bro" one more time, I was going to scream.

The first third of this story (the point at which I gave up) was also riddled with errors. Whoever edited this book should have been smacked and then fired.