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Tentacle Pool - Melanie Tushmore

Tentacle Pool

by Melanie Tushmore



My Review/Comments:


I enjoyed this one. Just wish it had been a little bit longer! :)

Sidian was really fascinating, and I would have liked to have known more about him. I also would have liked for the underwater scene to be longer. There's just something so sexy about sex underwater, while someone else breathes for you. :P

The ending made me chuckle, but I wonder what happens later? After they leave the island, will Aire never see him again unless he returns to the island? Is Sidian strictly a freshwater creature, or can he survive in the ocean? Could he even get to the ocean if he wanted to? And would he even do that for a mortal?

This is really just an erotic encounter, not romance, but I guess I'm always looking for the romantic, happily-ever-after side of things. :P